Keep Canada Meeting

Keep Canada Meeting Initiative

Do we need an initiative similar to the one the Americans have launched?

In the USA, incentive travel and meeting industry associations have started a “Keep America meeting campaign”. Do we need something similar?

South of the border, associations and leaders in our industry have “got their game” on.  In response to the “AIG effect” that followed the Wall Street Meltdonw,  articles are being featured in newspapers and on association websites. is featuring a month long “Incentive Industry Survival Guide”.  There is a “Keep America Meeting” website and petition. has a lot of valuable statistics about the contribution of the incentive travel industry to the global economy (statistics for Canada are missing). The site also has white papers and a transition section for Obama’s transition team.

Most of our tourists including our incentive travel business of foreign origin does come from the USA. It is said that when America sneezes, Canada catches a cold. So what goes on South of the border does have an impact on us. Yet in Canada, despite the fact that hotels are receiving numerous cancellations from corporate clients, we are hardly hearing a whimper about this.

I have personally contacted the heads of some of our associations that are involved in the meetings, incentive travel and retreat industries and suggested that we start our own “Keep Canada Meeting” initiative. I have not had a response to even one e-mail or voice mail, not even one.

So what’s up? Are we that different from our American cousins? Are we just too low key, conservative and reluctant to “make waves” to do anything proactive? Do we need a “Keep Canada Meeting” campaign? If we do, why are we not taking steps to launch one?


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