Are incentive travel programmes appropriate for companies that have experienced downsizing?

Incentive Travel After Downsizing

Are incentive travel programmes appropriate for companies that have experienced downsizing?

  • Has your company recently gone through downsizing?
  • Are you thinking that, under this scenario, an incentive travel programme would be inappropriate?

Your top performers need to have their efforts recognized now more than ever. This is probably one of the worst times to cut your incentive travel programme.

If you’ve recently laid off workers and your organization is leaner, employees that remain behind face some significant challenges. Everyone will have to have to do more with less and work a lot harder to achieve results, particularly in a turbulent marketplace. Some employees who remain behind will feel discouraged, demoralized and afraid of the possibility of futher layoffs. You don’t want your top talent to jump ship.

It is, therefore, PRECISELY at this time that companies need incentive travel programmes to reward top performers who produce outstanding results despite the challenges.

Investing in incentive travel is most important during stressful times and they will have a higher payback and measured bottom line impact (e.g. retention of top talent, lower risk of turnover, improved morale). It is one of the most leveraged investments a company can make during turbulent times with no downside. Incentive travel pays for itself out of the increased revenue that your team generates.

You can offer incentive travel even if you are facing budget constraints. Here’s how:

  • Instead of going overseas, stay at a local resort or hotel.
  • Opt for a smaller property
    There are even small inns, lodges, timesharing units, and resorts where your team can have exclusive use at a fraction of what you would pay to stay at a large resort.
  • Take top performers out for a nice dinner and have them and their spouse stay for 1 night at a local spa in your city
  • Stay at a local 4 star resort instead of a foreign 5 star resort.
  • Rough it

    There are affordable options like campsites, dude ranches, and summer camps in off-season

So, instead of asking:

  • can we afford incentive travel?
  • can we justify an incentive travel programme at this time?


  • how can we afford to shelve our incentive travel programme when the members of our team have to work a lot harder to achieve results and they really deserve recognition for their extra effort?

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