Oman Incentive Travel – Summer in Salalah

Incentive Travel in Oman – Salalah in Dhofar

If you want your team to experience a mountain team building adventure or a desert safari, you usually have to arrange your trip to Oman from October – April each year. Some companies in GCC countries find it easier to travel between May and September. They travel to Salalah for relief from the heat in other parts of the Arabian pennisula. Why? The Khareef. The remnants of Asia’s monsoons spray a cooling mist all over Dhofar and transform an area that is normally desert and rocky mountain into tropical oasis. Companies from around the world can take a leaf out of the book of companies in the gulf region and offer memorable and affordable summer incentives  and retreats in Salalah. Hotels and resorts in Salalah are more affordable than those in Muscat even in off-season.

Salalah – A Comfortable Oasis for Summer Incentives

Salalah, a coastal town, is much cooler than Muscat and Nizwa, the focus of our last blog about Oman. It’s a tolerable 28 – 30 degrees Celcius even during the hot summer months in Oman. Here is a glimpse of Salalah:

Located in Oman’s southern Dhofar region, in Salalah you’ll enjoy the contrast and beauty of mountains, waterfalls, caves, cliffs, and the Indian ocean. Known as the Garden City in the Land of Frankincense, legend has it that ancient beauty the Queen of Sheba travelled to Salalah in search of this treasure. Here is a more in-depth tour of Salalah, taking in the city and surrounding areas:

Salalah Adventures

In Salalah, you can enjoy a variety of beach and water based activities including diving and surfing. Desert and mountain based adventures including caving also await you. If outdoor adventures are you forte, your team can go for an off-road adventure and then camp out at Jebel Samhan and other mountains nearby.

You also have the option of going dune bashing, participating in a series of team challenges in the desert and cammping out overnight at a Bedouin camp in the desert at Rub Al Khali – Empty Quarters, the world’s largest desert with spectactular 300′ dunes.

Giving Your Team a Sense of Oman’s Rich History and Culture

At Salalah Museum you can explore ancient Arabian history and culture. At Al Balid Archaeological Park, a UNESCO heritage site, you’ll view archaeological finds and learn about marine history at the Frankincense Land Museum. There are a number of anceint souqs for you to explore including Haffa Souk (the oldest and largest), Al-Husn and Al Hafah. A visit to the gold souk and the the frankincense souk are a must. An orienteering treasure hunt combined with a team shopping challenge is the perfect way to explore a souq. In Salalah you’ll also find the tomb of Biblical prophet Job (Nabi Ayoub). Be sure to build time into your itinerary to see the Taqah Fort in the nearby village with the same name.

CNN Tour of Salalah – Eco Tourist’s Dream

Let Executive Oasis International Take Your Team to Salalah, a Coastal Oasis

Even during the summer you can enjoy incentive travel and facilitated business team building in Salalah, Oman:

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