August in Asia: Malaysia



Incentive Travel: Asian August – Cooling off in Malaysia

During the summer, temperatures soar in South East Asia. Savvy CEOs in the region have discovered a number of cool and picturesques destinations in Asia to beat the heat and offer memorable sales incentive trips, executive retreats, and team building. Malaysia offers a number of places where your team will be cool and comfortable even in August.


First let’s start with a virtual tour of Pahang where you’ll find the communities of where you’ll find Cameron Highlands, Berjaya Hills, Fraser’s Hills, and Genting Highlands.



Cameron Highlands: Temperature: 15°C – 32°C

I’ll never forget the first time I went to Cameron Highlands. On the way, we stopped at a beautiful waterfall. There was an area with stalls, arts, crafts, blow pipes and a variety of souvenirs. The people working at the stalls were pulling up on motorbikes and some were talking on cell phones.

When we continued our journey, I asked the guide about aboriginal peoples. I said “When I was in Kuching, there were aboriginal settlements nearby. Are there any aboriginal people in this area?
He replied “You just spent time with some Orang Asli. They were the people selling at the stalls”. I guess the blowpipes were a big hint. Never let motorbikes and cell phones throw you off.

On the way to Cameron Highlands, your group has the option of stopping at Kuala Woh Recreational Park for a short scavenger hunt that includes orienteering and a visit to by suspension bridge to the museum to answer trivia, a dip in the natural hot springs and light snacks.



Cameron Highlands was a real treat. We stopped for lunch at a boutique hotel. An impromptu site inspection and tour revealed spacious rooms and ample meeting room facilities. The Smokehouse Hotel, that has been providing hospitality since 1932, is a possible lunch (or dinner) venue for your group upon arrival in Cameron Highlands:



We headed off to visit a handicraft centre, gardens and nurseries. We toured at tea plantation and relaxed while we enjoyed tea, scones and an incredible view. I noted that to round an itinerary for your corporate group, in Cameron Highlands, golf, nature hikes, a visit to an Orang Asli (aboriginal) village, and jungle trekking are available.

Before heading back to Kuala Lumpur, we stopped and picked strawberries. It was my last day in Malaysia and I have a very late night flight. As soon as we were airborne, it was a treat to enjoy the fresh strawberries I had picked with whipped cream that had been provided to me at no charge by one of the restaurants in the airport’s departure area. It’s one of those moments in time that you wish you could freeze.



Berjaya Hills:

Formerly known as Bukit Tinggi (meaning “French Hill”), Berjaya Hills has a French themed resort, beautiful gardens, golf, paintball, horse riding, and a variety of options for team meetings and relaxation.



Great views – Narration in Arabic


There is even a Japanese garden complete with teahouse. Yes, you can experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony in the heart of Berjaya Hills.

Japanese Garden Walkthrough



Nearby, even in the summer, the weather will be comfortable enough to treat your team to a full jungle survival team building experience with overnight camping. The location is popular with local companies so it is imperative that you book your trip at least 4 – 6 months in advance if you want to include this unforgetable experience into your itinerary.

Fraser’s Hill:


1,524 metres about sea level, you’ll find Fraser’s Hill, a rainforest hamlet named after Louse James Fraser from Scotland who established a trading staion in the area and went missing in 1919, is a picturesque destination where the temperatures are cool enoug for for retreats, even in the summer.



It’s ideal for companies that are interested in providing an eco-tourism experience. It is one of Malaysia’s prime locations for bird wartching. Groups can also enjoy golf, horse riding, the Jeriau Waterfall.




Genting Highlands: Temperature 22°C – 32°C



Enjoy the unforgetable view as cable cars will carry you above the clouds to Genting Highlands, a playground complete with hotels, meeting facilities, a theme park and casino. Horse riding can be arranged nearby.




Kinabalu Park

In Malaysian Borneo, Mount Kinabalu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Asia’s tallest peak, will give your team an opportunity to explore rocky mountain and the rainforest trails below the mountain. With one of the most diverse collections of fauna in the world, Kinabulu Park covers 4 climatic zones.



Even if your team is a mix of serious mountain cimbers and team members who would prefer to cool off under a waterfall, soak in the curative properties of an open air sulphuric bath, and explore tropical gardens, there will be no shortage of things to do and experiences to amaze.

Golf, and early morning horse riding are also located within easy distance.

Those who dare, can even walk The Torque, the highest via ferrata in the world.





Let Executive Oasis International Take You to Malaysia

In Malaysia, we can add facilitated business team building and recreational activities ranging from orienteering, jungle treks, and ziplining to mountain climbing and abseiling to your itinerary. No matter what area of Malaysia you select for your summer adventure, one thing is certain. There is so much to see and such a variety of habitats and adventures to explore, your first trip to Malaysia will not be your last.



For more information the adventures that you can enjoy in Malaysia during the summer and throughout the year, please visit our website:



Photo Credit: NTlam – Cameron Highlands (Top)

Photo Credit: JoChoo – Fraser’s Hill

Photo Credit: xiquinhosilva – Genting Highlands


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  1. Very interesting post though the weather in Malaysia now is pretty much unpredictable. Sun-rain-sun-rain… weather forecast are not helping us much too. Overall, it’s still an awesome place!

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