Corporate Incentive Travel in Japan

Japan Incentive Travel (Winter & Spring)

Last time, we focused on summer and fall incentive travel in Japan. Winter and Spring are two of the most colourful seasons in Japan with a host of interesting festivals and activities. If you want your team to experience the snow festival (Yuki Matsuri) the cherry blossom festival (Sakura Matsuri from March to May), remember to book your trip WELL in advance.


Chubu – Mountains:


Sapporo is most well known for its annual snow festival (Yuki Matsuri) at Odori Park in February featuring huge snow replicas of world landmarks (buildings and attractions). Your group can compete in a scaled down version snow sculpture competition organized especially for you.

Sapporo also has a German Christmas market that takes place every December. You’ll also want to explore the Sapporo Winter Sports Museum.

Yokote City, Akita prefecture:

A 400 year old annual snow festival on February 15 – 16 at Doro Koen Park features small candle-lit rooms called Kamakura carved out of snow during .


World attention was focused on Nagano during the 1998 Winter Olympics. It’s high altitude makes it perfect for skiing, trekking and a host of other winter activities.


This is a winter view of the UNESCO World Heritage site featured in our most recent blog entry under “Summer”.

Shirakawa & Gokayama:



  • On March 3rd., the Hina Matsuri (doll festival) is celebrated throughout Japan.


You can get a good view of the sakura and explore Nara Park, known for the tame deer that roam there. Be sure to also take in the Nara National Museum.

World Heritage Site: Todaiji Temple with the world’s largest wooden structure, the Daibutsuden, that houses the Great Buddha of Nara.


Kamakura was the ancient samurai capital, during the Kamakura shogunate era. It has Kamakura has a famous cherry blossom path that forms a ceiling of flowers. Hōkokuji, the bamboo forest, There is no need to worry about charters. It is accessible by the JR rail system and this would give your team a chance to see another side of Japan.

World Heritage Site: Todaiji Temple with the world’s largest wooden structure, the Daibutsuden, that houses the Great Buddha of Nara.

For help in planning your sales incentive trip in Japan, please visit our website. Then, contact us to let us know your requirements. For the best choice of options and to allow ample time for logistics, it is best to
book your retreat at least 4 – 6 months before you intend to travel:


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