Dubai Incentive Travel – New and Improved

Dubai Incentive Travel – New & Improved

by Anne Thornley-Brown, MBA, President
Executive Oasis International

Burj Khalifa, Dubai – World’s Tallest Building

I’ve travelled to about 23 countries and worked in 11. It’s not too often that one gets to visit a place where everything is sparkling shiney and new but that’s a perfect description of Dubai. Dubai is a futuristic Arabian nights fantasy that has emerged from the sand dunes during the past 5 years so there are always new things to see and do. I’ve been going there since December, 2000 and there is always a fresh adventure or attraction awaiting the visitor. I make a point of building these adventures into the incentive trips and team building retreats that my company, Executive Oasis International, designs and facilitates for its clients. I just got back from Dubai. What changes did I notice? What new adventures have we added to our line up?

New & Old Landmarks

When I first went to Dubai, the clock was the most prominent and recognizable landmark in Dubai.

Then it was the Burj al Arab.

Now it’s the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. I blogged about it and and shared photos when it was under construction a few years ago. I finally got a chance to see it. For days I could not get a clear snapshot, everything was hazy. On my last day, just before I boarded the bus to go to Abu Dhabi for my Etihad Airways Flight, there it was gleaming, sparkling and new.

Sparkling New Hotels

I stayed at this brand new Jumeirah property on the Jumeirah Palm Islands last week. They hosted my clients before we all headed off to the luxury Bedouin camp for an overnight desert safari.

Here is the opening ceremony from just a few months ago.

Here is another property that has opened since we were last in Dubai:

Luxury Desert Team Building

Executive Oasis International has been offering desert team building in Dubai for some time now. We just offered our most recent team building retreat a week ago for one of our client’s from Saudi Arabia. Come, take a glimpse at what goes on during a team building retreat at a luxury Bedouin camp. I’ve just blogged about it.

Luxury Desert Team Building in Dubai

We’re always looking for something new to add excitement to our desert team building sessions. So, when a Saudi Arabian company engaged us to design and faciltiate their team building retreat, we put our heads together, did some brainstorming. The client came up with some ideas and we came up with some ideas. We built a number of adventures into their time in Dubai.

Other Great Dubai Incentive Travel Experiences

World’s Most Luxurious Dhow Cruise
Outdoor Paintball

The team loved it so much that they stayed twice as long as they were originally scheduled. Everyone agreed that it was a highlight of their trip.

Target and Skeet Shooting

Keeping Your Cool in Dubai

We’ve all heard about Ski Dubai, a place where Emiratis, expats and visitors can cool off and enjoy some winter fun. Now you can kick things up a notch and have more fun in the snow:

You can also chill out by heading over to the Middle East’s only ice cafe. Take a peek:


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