Malaysia Team Buiding Destinatsions – Kuching


Malaysia Team Building Destinations: Kuching

With its blend of Malay, Chinese, British, East Indian, Portuguese, and aboriginal Iban and Bidayuh influences, Kuching is a hidden gem for executive retreats. Kuching is located in Sarawak on the island of Borneo which is shared by Malaysia, Indonesia, and the tiny Sultanate of Brunei.

The first time I saw Kuching, also known as “Cat City”, reflecting its Chinese name, was over a decade ago. I went to Kuching to facilitate a workshop for managers and executives from Malaysian companies with offices in Sarawak. The view from my room at the Hilton with the Chinese junks floating on the water and shophouses linking the riverbanks was enchanting. The waterfront is now landscaped area with sculptures and a musical fountain.

In Kuching, there are surprises around every corner including the Tua Pek Kong Temple dating back to the mid-19th century, Fort Margherita in the distance, India Street, the famous cat monument, and the Cat Museum (yes a museum devoted to cats).

To understand the history and culture of the region, visits to Sarawak Museum and the Sarawak Cultural Village are a must.

Sarawak Cultural Village features homesteads, music, dancing, and cuisine from the 7 major ethnic groups that have made Sarawak their home.

Where to Stay in Kuching

Since my first visit, a number of boutique hotels have opened in Kuching. The Sarawak Cultural Village now has accommodation reflecting traditional architectural styles. Homestays at jungle longhouses of Sarawak’s aboriginal people including the Iban and the Bidayuh are also possible.

Team Building in Kuching

Schedule your arrival for Wednesday or Thursday, and sty over the weekend and Visexecutaries, Apprentice Inspired Team Building involving selling at the night market or a hawker stall can be arranged. Jungle Survival Survivor Inspired Team Building can be arranged throughout the week.

Corporate Events in Kuching

In Kuching, corporate events can include Chinese cooking challenges, an Amazing Race Inspired Team Challenge around the area, a scavenger hunt to museums and historical cites, aboriginal games, and blowpipe competitions.

For more information about Kuching or to arrange executive retreats in Malaysia including Kuching and, please visit the Executive Oasis International website.


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