How Canadian Teams can Stretch Their Team Building Budgets


How Canadian Teams can Stretch 
Their Team Building Dollars
in 2016 [Video Blog]

It’s official, The Canadian dollar has slipped below 70 cents against the US$. US companies can get, more bang for their buck by heading North of the border for executive retreats, team building, and corporate events.

Team Building and Corporate Events in Canada:
Currency Value Spells Savings for U.S. Companies

For Canadian companies, Jamaica, Mexico and Malaysia are the best bets for stretching team building budgets overseas.

If the decline in the value of the loonie has placed foreign travel out of reach, 2016 is an ideal year to discover the effective and engaging team building programmes and the top quality hotels and resorts at home.

Stretching Your Team Building Budget in Canada

Here are a few quick ideas to stretch your budget.

  1. Companies may want to consider some on-site team building with a top-notch facilitator.
  2. Team building at an affordable local venue like a community centre, town centre. or university campus can help you get more bank for your buck.
  3. Swap meeting rooms with a supplier to ensure that you are not interrupted.
  4. Use a branch office.
  5. Have participants brown bag it for all or part of the session.
  6. Move outside the downtown core for better hotel rates. Many employees live in suburbs or small towns so the commute will be better and rates will be more affordable at hotels or resorts in small towns and the suburbs.
  7. Opt for an inn or a heritage venue in a small town.

Here is a quick reminder of what Canada has to offer for team building and why it may be worth staying home this year.

Team Building

You’ll find top-notch team building facilitators in your own backyard who offer real team building, not just fun and games. You can select from indoor business simulations:

or a range of outdoor team building programmes are also available  for every season:

Coming in 2017: Team Building with Virtual Reality Simulations (Contact us for details)

Places to Explore

Whether you stay close to home or your budget makes it possible to venture further afield, Canada has many incredible places to discover.


Consider Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ottawa, Huntsville, and Port Carling.




Explore possibilities in Montreal, Mont Tremblant, the Eastern Townships, Quebec City, Gatineau, Outaouais, and the Laurentians.

Montreal & Quebec City


Mont Tremblant

British Columbia

Sidney by the Sea, Whistler, and Victoria are picturesque locations that provide stunning backdrops for team building retreats.


Lake Louise and Banff offer endless possibilities to integrate outdoor experiences into team building.


Photo Credit: amateur photography by michel

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