Jamaica Join me for a Mental Vacation

Jamaica – My Personal Picks to Beat the Winter Chill

Now I really can’t complain. There hasn’t been much snow this year. I’ve only had to scrape a little bit of snow off the car once and I haven’t had to shovel the driveway at all.  Yet, Toronto is in a deep freeze again and it’s expected to last for a week.
Before cabin fever has a chance to set, I think it’s time to take a mental vacation in  Jamaica. You’re welcome to join me.

Gardens and Waterfalls

In fact, whenever I need to get my mind off something unpleasant (like Friday when I had to get a dreaded needle  for some tests) this is where I go to distract myself. When I come into money, I’ll buy it myself. (One must be positive you know.)


The other way to float your cares away is on the Rio Grande or the Martha Brae….rivers that is. With the new road on the North Coast, getting there is faster and easier than ever. Sit back and float along.

Beach Ride on Horseback

Here is another incredibly relaxing adventure that awaits you on the water. Wow, I’m glad I’ve hit the gym since then, so that I look less like a beach ball. Still I was happy and I always have fun on the beach ride.


Speaking about horses, can anything be more fun than the fast action of polo. I snapped this shot at Drax Hall.

Ruins Restaurant and Ocho Rios

I can think of no place I would rather dine when in Jamaica than at Ruins in Ocho Rios.

Friends and Family in my Hometown

When all is said and done, my favourite part of going back to Jamaica is spending time with friends and family. I spent the first 2 years of my life in Port Maria.

Photo Credits: Meram – Used With Permission

Even now that my grandparents are gone and my aunts and uncles have either passed away or migrated overseas, I get back as often as I can. After all, home is where the heart is and there’s no place like home.

So if you catch me daydreaming, don’t be too hard on me. At least now you’ll know where I’ve gone.

Now that you’ve had a taste of Jamaica, Executive Oasis International would be pleased to plan your team building or executive retreat the next time you take your team to Jamaica.

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